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Topics & speakers include

From Pathomechanisms to Cellular Targets
J.R. Kalden (Erlangen),G.-R. Burmester (Berlin)

B cells and Plasma Cells
G. Steiner (Vienna), F. Hiepe (Berlin)

Proinflammatory T cells
Rene van Lier (Amsterdam), A. Radbruch (Berlin)

fh  Regulatory T cells
R. Schmidt (Hannover), W. Maslinski (Warsaw)

MSC, NK-cells and other cells
T. Pap (Münster), U. Müller-Ladner (Gießen)

Lessons from Clinical Stem Cell Reconstitutions
D. Farge (Paris), I. Kötter (Tübingen)

Novel Concepts of Cell-based Therapies
D. Niederwieser (Leipzig), H.-D. Volk (Berlin)

fgh  European Perspectives
A. Radbruch (Berlin),
U. Wagner (Leipzig)


Wednesday, March 18
 1:00 pm 

Arrival, registration, media transfer at registration counter
“get together” snacks

2:00 pm

Opening remarks
G-R Burmester, Andreas Radbruch


From Pathomechanisms to Cellular Targets
Chair: J.R. Kalden, Erlangen and G.-R. Burmester, Berlin

2:15 pm

Marcel van den Brink, New York
Off-the-shelf adoptive cell therapy with T cell precursors across
MHC barriers

2:40 pm

Rick Holmdahl, Stockholm
Therapeutic possibilities interacting with arthritogenic antibodies

3:05 pm

Steffen Gay, Zürich                                     
Epigenetics in Rheumatic Diseases

3:30 pm

Bruno Kyewski, Heidelberg
How central is central tolerance?

3:55 pm

Coffee break

4:20 pm

Tobias Bopp, Mainz
Mechanisms of nTreg-mediated suppression

4:45 pm

Christian Jorgensen, Montpellier
Genetic biomarkers for selected biotherapies in RA

5:10 pm

Matthias Edinger, Regensburg
Adoptive Treg cell transfer in stem cell transplantation


B cells and Plasma Cells
Chair: Günter Steiner, Wien and Falk Hiepe, Berlin

5:35 pm

David Tarlinton, Melbourne                                 
Antagonising Pro-Survival Pathways to Modulate Immune Response

6:00 pm

Simon Fillatreau, Berlin
Activated B cells in immunity: the case for a regulatory role

6:25 pm

Reinhard Voll, Erlangen                                                   
Plasma cell depletion by proteasome inhibitors in the treatment of lupus-like disease in mice

7:00 pm


Thursday, March 19

Proinflammatory T cells
Chair: Rene van Lier, Amsterdam and Andreas Radbruch, Berlin

9:00 am

Francesco Annunziato, Florence
Human IL-17-producing cells: origin and development

9:25 am

Pierre Miossec, France
IL-17 and Th17: contribution to arthritis chronicity

9:50 am

Hyun-Dong Chang, Berlin
The pro-inflammatory immunological memory

10:15 am

Ken Smith, Cambridge
A CD8 T cell transcription signature predicts prognosis in autoimmune disease

10:40 am Coffee break

Regulatory T cells
Chairs: Reinhold Schmidt, Hannover and Wlodzimierz Maslinski, Warsaw

11:05 am

Alf Hamann, Berlin
Stability and Epigenetic of Tregs

11:30 am

Berent Prakken, Utrecht
Regulatory T cells in autoimmunity: good guys, bad guys, or incompetent bystanders?

11:55 pm

Hans Koenen, Nijmegen
Human regulatory T cell expansion, antigenspecificity and plasticity; lessons learned from allo-antigens

12:20 pm Lunch

MSC, NK-cells & other cells
Chair: Thomas Pap, Münster and Ulf Müller-Ladner, Gießen

13:20 pm

Francesco Dazzi, London
Mesenchymal stem cells and autoimmune disease – part I                  - the molecular basis for immunosuppression

13:45 pm

Lorenzo Moretta, Genoa
Alloreactive NK cells in the therapy of high risk leukemias

14:10 pm Coffee break

Lessons from Clinical Stem Cell Reconstitutions
Chair: Dominique Farge, Paris and Ina Kötter, Tübingen

14:35 pm

Riccardo Saccardi, Florence
Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation in autoimmune diseases:
The EBMT Experience

15:00 pm

Dominique Farge, Paris
Long term results of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: 1996-2008

15:25 pm

Renate Arnold, Berlin
Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in SLE

15:50 pm

Wietse Kuis, Utrecht
The role of stemcell transplantation and mesenchymal stemcells in pediatric rheumatology

16:15 pm Roland Martin, Hamburg
Update on cell therapies in multiple sclerosis
16:40 pm

Jaap van Laar, UK                                                                  
Risks and benefits of stem cell transplants, lessons learned in systemic sclerosis

17:05 pm Andreas Thiel, Berlin
Immune reconstitution after stem cell transplantation for autoimmunity - lessons learned?
18:00 pm Speakers Dinner
Friday, March 20

Novel Concepts of Cell-Based Therapies
Chair: Dietger Niederwieser, Leipzig and Hans-Dieter Volk, Berlin

9:00 am

Alexander Scheffold, Bergisch-Gladbach  
Self-limitation of proinflammatory T cells as therapeutic strategy

9:25 am

Alan Tyndall, Basel  
Mesenchymal stem cells and autoimmune disease – part II                 - animal models and translational programs

9:50 am

Petra Reinke, Berlin
Adoptive T cell therapy - chance and challenges

10:15 am Coffee break
10:40 am

Hans-Dieter Volk, Berlin
Crosstalk between stem cells and immune cells                       

11:05 am

Birgit Sawitzki, Berlin
Transfer of alloantigen specific Tregs to prevent rejection of allogeneic Transplants

11:30 am Andreas Grützkau, Berlin
To be on the safe side: Multiparametric immunophenotyping of peripheral blood cells for monitoring of cell-based therapies

European Perspectives
Chair: Andreas Radbruch, Berlin and Ulf Wagner, Leipzig        

11:55 am

Arnd Hoeveler, Brussels
EC Research, Directorate Health, Head of Unit Biotechnology
Perspectives for cell-based immunotherapies

12:30 pm Lunch

Program Download (PDF)


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